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Wenspan Traffic Exchange.
With this get paid program you can get paid by:
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Payment processors
Our top one is ClickBank
Most of the Affiliate program Companies pay you through ClickBank -
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  StormPay is now one of the hottest income opportunities on the Internet!! 
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Have a double advantage :--
accept Moneybookers and at the same time earn money by referring users to Moneybookers via your referral link.
We pay you 30% of the fee income that we earn from new customers referred by you -
deposit and withdrawal fees are excluded but “send money” fees and gateway fees at
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All you have to do to turn your traffic into cash: just put a special referral ID behind the payment buttons or Moneybookers links that you have on your website.


Make Money just by referring others and receive new articles everydayEarn $10 just for signing up FREE! Get others to subscribe...FREE
and you earn US$0.40 per member that you sponsor (1st level).
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You can use the resources you will be receiving from us to gain more
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More will be added Bookmark this Page and come back often to find the one's
that we recommend.

If you have a Affiliate program that works and specifically for South Africa
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SOUTH AFRICAMake Money Online with this SA Business Opportunity

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